Published and forthcoming papers

Be wary of those who ask: A randomized experiment on the size and determinants of enumerator effects, with Michele di Maio. Forthcoming, World Bank Economic Review.

Do anti-poverty programs sway voters? Experimental evidence from Uganda, with Chris Blattman and Mathilde Emeriau. NBER Working Paper No. 23035 and Review of Economics and Statistics, 2018, 100 (5): 891-905.

Trusting Former Rebels: An Experimental Approach to Understanding Reintegration after Civil War, with Ian Levely and Michal Bauer. Economic Journal, 2018, 128(613): 1786-1819.

Financial Education and Savings Behavior: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment among Low Income Clients of Branchless Banking in India, with Margherita Calderone, Santadarshan Sadhu and Leopold Sarr. Economic Development and Cultural Change, 2018, 66 (4).

Training for Rural Economic Empowerment (TREE) Project in Zimbabwe: An Analysis of Social Welfare Gain, with Michée Lachaud, Boris Bravo-Ureta and Susana P. Gonzalez. Journal of Development Effectiveness, 2018, 10 (3): 373-391.

Returns to microcredit, cash grants and training for male and female microentrepreneurs in Uganda. World Development, 2018, 105: 189-200.

Unitary or Non-Cooperative Intra-Household Model? Evidence from Couples in Uganda, with Xi He. World Bank Economic Review, 2017, 30 (1): S77-S85.

Skills in the Marketplace: Testing Individual Bargaining Ability in a Field Based Experiment. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2015, 120: 174–188.

The Economic Consequences of Forced Displacement. Journal of Development Studies, 2015, 51 (10): 1275-1293.

Generating Skilled Self-Employment in Developing Countries: Experimental Evidence from Uganda, with Christopher Blattman and Sebastian Martinez. Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2014, 129 (2): 697-752.

Measuring Sustainability: Why the Ecological Footprint is Bad Economics and Bad Environmental Science. Ecological Economics, 2008, 67(4): 519-525.

Meeting the Demand: An Estimation of Potential Future Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Meat Production. Ecological Economics, 2008, 67(3): 412-419.

Working papers

Business is tough, but family is worse: The role of family constraints on microenterprise development in Uganda.

Social accountability and service delivery: Evidence from a large-scale experiment in Uganda, with Patrick Premand.

Do non-profit organizations learn? Evidence from a random sample of NGOs in Uganda, with Leticia Riva.

The supply chain for seed in Uganda: Where does it all go wrong?, with Alicia Barriga.

What do we know about the impact of microfinance? The problems of statistical power and precision, with Mahesh Dahal.

The long-term impacts of grants on poverty: 9-year evidence from Uganda’s Youth Opportunities Program, with Christopher Blattman and Sebastian Martinez.

Policy briefs

Growing microenterprises: How gender and family can impact outcomes – evidence from Uganda

Cash transfers and structural change

Lessons from a business development evaluation

Implementation and program evaluation

Some of my current research projects

Experimental study of private e-savings accounts to women in Tanzania. With Annekathrin Schoofs and Rachel Steinacher.

Experimental study of providing free bicycles to primary school girls in Zambia. With Nishith Prakash and Kritika Narula.

Experimental study of the adoption and general equilibrium effects of improved cookstoves in Rwanda. With Anicet Munyehirwe, Jörg Peters and Maximiliane Sievert.

Experimental study of the effect of training on enterprise and employment growth in Tanzania. With Margherita Calderone and Rachel Steinacher.

Behavioral measurements of the effect of group-based violence on social capital in Kenya. With Neil Ferguson and Martin Leroch.

Experimental study of the effect of program information on political action in Uganda. With Pia Raffler.

Experimental study of the impact of microfinance-plus in Ghana, Myanmar and Paraguay.

Review of evidence for generating and expanding microenterprises in developing countries. With Tim Kaiser.

Experimental test of trust within and between homeless communities in Connecticut. With Thomas Krumel and Leticia Riva.

Popular writing

The Greenhouse Hamburger: How Our Diet Matters More Than Our Cars
Scientific American Magazine, February 2009.


Measuring Success of Youth Livelihood Interventions, A Practical Guide to Monitoring and Evaluation.
With Kevin Hempel.