PhD student needed

IDRC, the Canadian development group, has graciously funded a project of mine in Tanzania. The project covers the topics of micro-enterprise development, intra-household bargaining and mobile banking and savings. Its going to be quite big, with 3200 participants and two follow-up surveys, along with the baseline. The data collection and interventions will be implemented by IPA.

I’m looking for a PhD student or post-doc to provide research support on the project, with the goal that he or she could become a co-PI. I need someone to assist in finalizing the research design, which includes working with IPA to help with finalizing the agreement with the partner and the intervention designs, help with managing the data collection and data cleaning, and oversee the implementation of the treatments. I need this person to be in Tanzania from early May to September, but starting earlier is preferred. I realize though that this might be tough with classes. There might be ample breaks in the middle if he or she wants to travel.

Its not a paid position, but we are securing the funds to cover all travel and living costs in country. I hope it would become part of a dissertation, or a long-term research project. It is also possible that single authored work could be developed, but that will be up to whomever works with us.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please let me know. If you know of someone that could be interested, please send this on to them. I am hopeful to make a choice in a collaborator by the end of February.